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Directorate - Middle Region Training Directorate
Vocational Training Directorate/Middle Province
Vocational Training Directorate/Middle Province is considered one of the training directorates affiliated to the Vocational Training Corporation which started its works at the second half of 1976, where the directorate was established in 1996. The directorate includes 21 institutes distributed on four governorates namely:
(1)   Capital Governorate and includes the following institutes:
A.    Qweismeh;
B.     Sahab;
C.     Abu-Nosier;
D.    Marka;
E.     Printing Professions;
F.      Tests and Training;
G.    Information Technology/Amman;
H.    The Specialist for Metal Industries.
(2)   Al-Balqa Governorate and it includes the following institutes:
A.    The Middle Ghour;
B.     Ain Al-Basha – Males;
C.     Ain Al-Basha – Females;
D.    Al-Salt Hospitality Institutes;
E.     Al-Salt for Professions and handicrafts.
(3)   Al Zarqa Governorate and it includes the following institutes:
A.    Yajouz;
B.     Al Hashimia;
C.     Zarqa;
D.    The Jordanian Korean for Technology;
E.     Preparing and training drivers.
(4)   Madaba Governorate and it includes the following institutes:
A.    Madaba-Boys;
B.     Madaba-Girls;
C.     Madaba for Tourism and Hospitality Training.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Preparing plans and annual reports;
  • Follow-up training processes in institutes affiliated to province and developing them;
  • Follow-up readiness of training workshops and updating and developing equipments;
  • Promoting and increasing productivity for training cadres;
  • To set training plans and developing the cards of exercises;
  • Follow-up implementing of professional tests;
  • Cooperating with other directorates in institutes and provinces in various aspects;
  • Establishing And sustaining cooperation relations with the establishments of public and private sectors.  
Institutes’ Information
The Vision of Directorate
The vision of vocational training directorate/middle province emanates from the vision and mission of vocational training corporation as it one of the corporation's pillars in implementing general policies and strategies for the corporation, and the directorate is looking forward to become the first and key provider for labor forces within the area of its work which it serves, and the technical bookmark for the professions which it proveides.  
The Mission
  • Training and preparing labor forces in vocational specializations and raising their competency based on the needs of labor market;
  • Improving and enhancing the competency of worker in the institutes in technically, administratively and behaviorally;
  • Creating an appropriate work environment inside the institutes;
  • To contribute effectively in classifying vocational workers and vocational stores as per accredited standards;
  • Providing services of professional awareness for local society;
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