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Services - Issue a Certificate to Replace the Altered- Damaged One, Transcript, and Translation
 Required documents:
  • A personal identity (ID or the Passport).
  • Copy of the certificate or transcript to be translated.
  • Copy of the (information page) of the passport to be translated.
  • The original certificate (damaged one) to be replaced.



  • To pay a visit to the Admission and Registration Directorate or the registrar in one of the centers or institutes of the VTC.
  • Fill in the application form.
  • Pay the fees.


Necessary time duration:

  • By directly going to the Admission and Registration Directorate (one hour- half an hour).
  • By going to the institute (two weeks).



(JD 2)



·         Admission and Registration Directorate, 8th circle

·         Registrar at VTC institutes.


  Related Services:

·         Certify certificates issued by the Vocational Training Corporation.

·         Replace (training certification - occupation certificate) with Occupational License.


People benefiting from the service:

All recipients of training certificates from the Vocational Training Corporation.


   Conditions for obtaining service:

   There are no conditions



  A transcript in Arabic will be issued in the institute of the VTC.


  Partner institutions

  There is no one.



  Request a document form.

This form is not available in English

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