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General Director Office
General Manager Office: Definition:
Preparing the required arrangements, meeting minutes for the board of directors and meetings chaired by the general manager; and following up administrative and technical issues with relevant directorates, and to prepare mails, official letters and private correspondences that are related to general manager's office and has connection with the general manager. 

Functions and Duties:
  1. Managing and organizing general manager's activities and action programs;
  2. Proceeding the required arrangements to hold meetings that are chaired by general manager, extending invitations for these meetings, and preparing minutes and required letters thereof;
  3. To accompany general manager on visits and official invitations upon his request;
  4. Revising all incoming transactions and letters to the general manager for signing and validation to ensure the validity of signatures, explanations, and powers;
  5. Validation of documents related to the general manager's meetings, and summarizing important ones upon need and instructions;   
  6. Delivering general manager's instructions to corporation departments and follow-up;
  7. Preparing official letters of the office, correspondences directed to the Labor Minister, chairman of the board of directors or any other parties; and any other mails.
  8. Preparing cables on behalf of the general manager as per occasion;
  9. Following up administrative and technical issues with relevant directorates that are related to board of directors' resolutions or meetings' minutes of planning and development committee or the teams of development of training programs; 
  10. Overseeing secretarial work in the office;
  11. Preparing reports and studies, and to follow-up acquiring information required by the general manager;
  12. Receiving reviewers of the general manager, and receiving their requests and classifying and recording them, and managing the requests of people who wish to meet the general manager according as per schedule;
  13. Assuming the secretariat of board of directors, planning and administrative development committee, administrative and financial committees, and any other committees delegated by the general manager;   
  14. Any other official function delegated by the general manager; 

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