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King Abdulla II Award Office

One of the most important elements of the success of any organization is to achieve and maintain superior performance levels that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of all relevant stakeholders. The culture of excellence is based on the adoption of a set of values and commitment by all employees of the VTC.

And work on the pursuit of creativity and create value for the recipients of the service.

Also create awareness, common understanding of vision, mission and strategic goals of the VTC.


  This will lead to achieving maximum benefit in achieving and supporting the strategic and national objectives of the VTC, by creating an environment conducive to the generation, dissemination and exchange of knowledge and instilling a culture of excellence among all employees.

Overall Objective:


  Institutionalize the work of the VTC to meet the requirements of King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance, and raising the level of performance of employees and strengthening their culture of excellence.



·         Maintain the work of the award committees in the VTC.

·         Institutionalize the work of the committees in the VTC.

·         Application of award criteria.

·         Create special database criteria for the award.

·         Achieve the standards of the award.


·         Adherence to the criteria of the King Abdullah II Award as a key reference in the field of improving and developing services.


First: Preparing for the award:

·         Prepare a work plan for 2013.

·         Continue coordination with the winning institutions to exchange experiences and information.

·         Evaluate and measure impact through application and compliance with award criteria.

·         Institutionalize the evaluation process in the actions taken by including the approved models for this purpose.

·         Evaluation of all methodologies adopted in the VTC through measuring the effectiveness of methodologies.

·         Highlighting the important and sensitive indicators in the application of the methodologies, which show a defect or delay in completion, as shown by periodic follow-up reports.

·         Submit reports and recommendations on the results of the evaluation at all levels so that the concerned parties can benefit from them in adjusting their policies, strategies and priorities in line with the criteria of the Award.


·         Build the capacity and competencies of the evaluation process in cooperation with the Directorate of Administration.

 Second: Instilling the culture of excellence among employees through:


·         Raising management staff awareness of the objectives, pillars and criteria of the award.

·         Distribute simple abstracts of the award to all employees.

·         Hold specialized courses in the art of dealing with service recipients.

·         Prepare simple questionnaires for employees to ensure the effectiveness of awareness programs and reflect their content on their performance in providing the service.

·         Emphasis on the vision, mission and core values ​​of management through lectures, meetings, official letters and e-mails.

·         Utilize feedback to ensure the achievement of the objectives of rooting the culture of excellence.


·         Complaints and suggestions box and ensure its effectiveness.



   Participate actively in all activities of King Abdullah II Center for Excellence.


·         Approval of the establishment of Award Office in the VTC Head Office.


·         Provide the required resources for the Office:

 Financial resources and human resources

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