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Partners and Resources Standards

Standard Questionnaire:
 Knowledge Questionnaire

 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Finance

Customer Satisfaction Survey - Partners

Customer Satisfaction Survey - Information

 Supplier Satisfaction Survey

 Financial Methodologies

Expenses Control

Methodology of Redistribution of Allocations

 Methodology of Financial Reporting

Methodology of Financial Statement

Methodology of Financial Transparency

Warehouse Methodology

Procurement Methodology

 Budget Methodology

Revenue Estimation Methodology
Expenditures Estimation Methodology
Control and Audit Methodology
IT Methodologies
Methodology of Information Structure Management
Security and Information Protection Methodology
 منهجيات اللوازم: Supply Methodologies
Selection and Evaluation of Suppliers Methodology 
Building Management Methodology
 Projects Unit Methodologies
Project Management and Agreements Methodology
Companies Methodology
PR Methodologies
Knowledge Management Methodology Issue No. 2 
 Methodology of Creativity and Development Committee 2
 E - learning Methodologies 07
Electronic Training Methodology 01

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